A coastguard helicopter crew member was forced to stump up for a parking ticket when he landed his chopper in an empty car park.

HM Coastguard Highland took up several spaces in the car park in Fort William in the western Scottish Highlands, so it’s hoped the pilot had enough coins to cover the cost.

In a tongue-in-cheek post on Facebook, the helicopter crew said: ‘Never let it be said that Giles doesn’t pay for his parking when he lands somewhere with a ticket machine. Now how many spaces is that?’

A HM Coastguard spokeswoman said the Inverness Search and Rescue crew have been to save a climber who sustained non-life threatening injuries while walking in Crowberry Ridge, in the Glencoe area.

The team were met by an ambulance crew, who took the climber to hospital, but the coastguard had to stick around with the chopper for a few hours after heavy fog closed in.

It’s not known if the pilot paid for each separate space he occupied.

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‘Better do that before the traffic warden clamps the blades,’ one person commented online.

Another said: ‘Penalty for parking across the lines.’

While a third added: ‘Hope they didn’t take up the parent and toddler spaces.’

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