EastEnders’ Keanu Taylor has just had his card marked after unwittingly taking on killer Hunter Owen in a showdown in Albert Square.

While he may have been acting honourably, his actions have had his name added to Hunter’s kill list, and with the unhinged lad still in possession of the weapon that he used to murder Ray, Keanu could be in deep trouble.

Keanu invited Hunter to a party to celebrate Louise’s success at her theory test, but Hunter scoffed at the idea and used the conversation to taunt Keanu over the fact he was the one to take Louise’s virginity.

As Keanu got more and more wound up with Hunter spouting nasties about Louise, he snapped, letting his fist fly at Keanu’s jaw. All the while Keanu had no idea Hunter had the gun in his bag.

Bex arrived on the scene and angrily told Keanu to get lost, initially sympathising with Hunter. But Hunter offered a threat that left her with chills.

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‘He’s got no idea who he’s messing with, no idea,’ he seethed. And Hunter clearly had every intention of showing him.

Bex ran to see Mel to tell her what had happened and Mel was petrified at what her son’s behaviour was telling her.


‘He wasn’t even bothered he’d just been hit,’ Bex told her. ‘That really scared me, I’ve never see Hunter like that before.’

Well if she’d just nipped over to his house she’d have seen him in another state she’d never seen him in – pointing a gun at a mirror and pretending to murder Keanu.

With Hunter clearly losing his grip on reality, someone else is bound to be on the receiving end of his fury, and it looks like Keanu is the perfect target. Is Hunter set to kill Keanu for sport?



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