Man dies in Malaga well just hours after tragic toddler rescue operation ends As the family of young Julen Roselló mourned the loss of the toddler who died after falling down a well, tragedy struck southern Spain again as a 45-year-old man was found dead at the bottom of another well.

The unnamed man left his home at approximately 12pm local time to walk his dog in the hills around Villanueva del Trabuco in Malaga, southern Spain. The alarm was raised at approximately 11:10pm.

Search and rescue personnel were dispatched immediately to locate the man, including specialist mountain rescue teams and later the Guardia Civil’s diving squad.

The man was found dead, floating in the water at the bottom of the three-meter deep well at approximately 3am Monday, reports.

An investigation into the circumstances of the man’s death is underway and an autopsy is due to be carried out to determine the exact cause of death.

Prior to the tragic case of Julen Roselló, whose remains were finally recovered after a 13-day rescue operation, the provincial government of Andalusia had repeatedly asked the public to survey, mark, and seal any illegal wells they come across to prevent such tragedies occurring.

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