A mum-of-three is terrified her stalker is going to make her life miserable again when he’s soon released from prison.

Sherzad Salih, 38, stalked Lorraine Mitchell, 54, for a decade before he was locked up last year.

At the peak of his crimes he called Ms Mitchell 40 times an hour and sent her inappropriate messages.

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She claimed she was forced to stop wearing high heels so she could run away from him if needed and stayed at home to avoid seeing him altogether.

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Divorced counsellor Ms Mitchell said: ‘I was terrified. I was carrying a red alarm with me at all times and I became afraid to go out.

‘I couldn’t sleep, I would get up in the middle of the night and check if the doors were locked.’

Ms Mitchell admitted she was terrified at the prospect of Salih, originally from Iran, being released this year.

He was jailed for four years at Hove Crown Court in October 2017 after he pleaded guilty and it emerged he had 23 previous convictions.

She added: ‘Right now I have a restraining order but I am worried he might go after my daughter.

‘I don’t want to move because I know he will go after my kids.’


Ms Mitchell, from East Sussex, described the moment she realised she had a stalker when Salih knocked on her car window in 2007.

She said: ‘I thought he might need directions, but he asked me on a date.

‘I thought it was a joke, I was 42 at the time and he looked in his mid-twenties.

‘He gave me a rose, and told me “please give me a chance, I think you are gorgeous,”

‘He then said he had been watching me for two years – he knew my name, where I lived, and my kids’ names.

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‘At that moment it became from irritating to something serious.’


Ms Mitchell left immediately and called police, who advised to keep a diary of when Salih ed her.

But she claims after reporting several incidents to police they said nothing could be done.

She added: ‘He was calling me saying he was watching me getting ready and asking about my underwear.

‘When I hung up he would keep calling, calling me 30 to 40 times an hour.

‘At one point, my cat was killed and placed underneath my neighbour’s car tires.

‘He was sending me inappropriate messages all the time, he was following me at the supermarket, he would sit in his car outside my house.’It was only when Salih, originally from Iran, was convicted in October 2017 Lorraine found out he had 23 previous convictions.

Ms Mitchell received an apology from Sussex Police after complaining about the way her case was dealt with.

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