A confused young boy called 911 for help with a difficult homework assignment – and a kind dispatcher patiently helped him out with his work.

The unnamed boy told dispatcher Antonia Bundy that ‘he had a really bad day’ and had ‘tons of homework’ on the recorded 911 call from earlier this month in Lafayette, Indiana.

During the phone call, the boy sounds completely defeated by the tough day he’d endured at school, prompting Bundy to ask him what happened.

‘You had a bad day at school?’ Bundy asks.

‘Yeah… I just came to tell you that,’ the boy says with a sigh.

‘I just have tons of homework.’

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He tells Bundy that he needs help understanding his math lesson, specifically fractions, and described a particular problem he said was ‘so hard.’

‘What’s three-fourths plus one-fourth?’ the boy asks.

Bundy proceeded to help the boy work through the problem and explained how to solve it, walking him through the methodology.

After the problem is solved, the boy thanks Bundy and says ‘I’m sorry for calling you, but I really needed help.’

‘We’re always here to help,’ Bundy says before the call ends.

Lafayette Police Sargeant Matt Gard that Bundy is ‘a very hard worker.’

‘She’s always very dedicated to what she does.’

He said that Bundy has worked with the police department since April 2016 and dispatchers often get strange requests.

‘They do receive some oddball requests,’ Gard said.

‘But this situation of calling asking for homework help — I’ve been in law enforcement for 13 years and I don’t know I’ve ever heard of this happening.’

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