Americans are drinking less alcohol, and much of that decline is due to lower beer consumption.

has found its Pure Gold, an organic beer under its Michelob Ultra brand, has been successful in wooing customers from wine and spirits. In an effort to keep the brand‘s momentum going, the beer will make its Super Bowl debut on Feb. 3 with an ad that features a trendy YouTube sound sensation know for calming listeners.

U.S. alcohol consumption fell for the third straight year in 2018, even though Americans are drinking more wine and spirits, . The beverage market analysis company estimated the volume of beer sold fell 1.5 percent last year to 2.62 billion 9-liter cases.

Since its launch, a few weeks after last year‘s Super Bowl, Pure Gold has surpassed $59 million in sales, said Azania Andrews, vice president of Michelob Ultra. She estimates that 8 percent of Pure Gold‘s volume is coming from consumers who are new to the category.

“You can anticipate that kind of growth to continue,” Andrews said. “We‘ve just scratched the surface for Pure Gold.”

The beer is made with organic grains and contains only 85 calories per 12 ounces. The brand targets young professionals who focus on wellness and eat mostly organic food and who might otherwise choose wine or spirits because they believe those options are healthier, she said.


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