Theresa May has reportedly asked MPs to support a proposal which calls for ‘alternative arrangements’ to replace the Northern Irish backstop in her Brexit deal.

The Prime Minister’s ‘plan B’ withdrawal agreement will be going to a vote in the House of Commons tomorrow, on January 29.

Today she met with lawmakers and attempted to gain support for an amendment proposed by Conservative MP Graham Brady.

Mr Brady’s amendment will ‘water down’ the backstop agreement and aim at bringing Tory rebels and the DUP back on side.

Many pro-Brexit politicans oppose the backstop, an insurance policy aimed at preventing a hard border in Ireland if no other solutions can be agreed.

Mr Brady said his amendment is intended to break the impasse and added: ‘I’m hoping that the way in which the amendment is crafted can attract that very broad support.

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‘If we can win the vote on my amendment, then I think it gives the prime minister enormous fire power when she gets back.

‘If my amendment is carried, she goes back to Brussels and says: “You wanted to know what we can get through the House of Commons? This is it”.’

However, Tory MP and chair of the pro-Brexit European Research Group of Conservative backbenchers Jacob Rees-Mogg said that the amendment was being ‘over-egged’.

He added that the ERG members were in ‘no mood’ to support it.

‘I think the emphasis on Graham Brady’s amendment is too great,’ he said.

‘What matters is what the Government is going to do – is it going to go back to the EU and ask for the Withdrawal Agreement to be reopened?

‘That is what I think ought to be said. If the Prime Minister says that, that will gather a lot of support across the party.’

MPs , after her first deal was overwhelmingly defeated earlier this month.

But with members of all parties tabling amendments, the scheduled course of Brexit .

Around six amendments will be selected by Speaker John Bercow based on the amount of backing they have and the likelihood they will be passed.

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The Prime Minister has reportedly told Tory MPs that the next meaningful vote motion will be laid on February 13, Sky News reports.

There will then be two days of debate, with the vote potentially taking place on February 14.

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