A white comedian has been banned from shows because organisers did not agree with his dreadlocks hairstyle.

The Coop Les Récoltes bar at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal felt Zach Poitras was a perpetrator of cultural appropriation due to his hairstyle choice.

It immediately cancelled his two appearances at the Soirée d’humour engagée and Snowflake Comedy Club, to the Montreal Gazette.

Organisers explained their decision on Facebook, writing: ‘It is a privilege to be able to wear dreads as a white person and that this is seen as a mode or as being edgy, while a black person will be denied access to job opportunities or spaces.

‘In fact, black people too often face the need to change their hair and deny their culture if they want to be employable and be able to survive.’

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Coop Les Récoltes, which has a commitment to creating a ‘safe space, free from oppression’, said it was not calling Poitras a racist but that the appropriation of a hairstyle could contribute to bigotry.

It added: ‘In cases of cultural ownership, we understand that a person’s intention may not be racist.

‘However, beyond individual intent, cultural ownership is a vehicle for racism whose consequences on the persons concerned are real.’

Poitras pleaded with everyone to ‘calm their f**king tits’ in a Facebook post of his own.

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